Will Mask Decision Be Biased Due To PPE Failures?


As a number of countries throughout the world have requirements for their population to wear face coverings outside the home, the UK Government is still debating whether this should be a requirement in the near future.

The UK Government Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) is due to provide their recommendations to the government later this week.  Their recommendations are almost certain to be that there is no requirement for the general public to wear masks at this time.

If this is the recommendation, questions will be asked as to whether that decision was reached purely on medical evidence or whether it was made because there is a shortage of masks in the country.

With the NHS throughout the UK struggling to obtain the required amount of PPE to keep frontline workers safe, the last thing they need is the general population trying to obtain life saving equipment for home use.

This decision would have possible far reaching consequences for the general population, especially when lockdown restrictions are eased. Already the results of unprotected exposure in day to day life can be seen by those transport workers in London who have succumbed to Covid-19. 

Surely if the lockdown is eased, those on the front line in shops, public transport and workplaces deserve as much protection as possible? 

There are many options for home made face masks which although not medical standard will give some degree of protection to both the wearer and those around them.  In these times when the population is overwhelmingly supportive of all our key workers, there would be a huge number of people offering home made masks where needed.

It would be a travesty if there was a chance of reducing further the transmission of Covid-19 which was not taken because the UK Government wanted to avoid any further scrutiny of the lack of PPE available.


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