Why I Donate Tea Bags Rather Than Cash


As the season of goodwill comes around, charities know this is one of the best times of the year to convince people to donate.

Adverts on TV and social media tugging at your heart stringsasking to help their cause, preferably on a regular basis.  This means a charity can budget because it has a regular income stream.

There has however been a backlash in recent years about the payments made to top executives in charities.  Executives who are paid hundreds of thousands of pounds per year whilst their business saves money by utilising volunteers for much of their day to day business.  For that is what many of the larger charities are nowadays, they are businesses. 

This year Lang Toon Times has decided to make their Christmas donation to an altogether different kind of organisation. 

The charity Who Dares Cares was started by two ex soldiers both suffering from PTSD.  They now aim to offer help to anyone who suffers from PTSD from any walk of life.  One of the ways they do this is through the Veterans Coffee Box, a small mobile unit taking help to people who need it without them having to travel to a more formal setting.

The Veterans Coffee Box provides tea, coffee, sandwiches, information and has a mental health nurse on board.  A perfect opportunity for those who are struggling to just come and chat as they have a cuppa.  For many this informal method is a much less intimidating way to enable them to access the help they need.

The great thing about the coffee box is that if you, like me, want to be sure any donations you make goes direct to the helping those in need, you can easily do this.  With an Amazon wishlist, you can help the coffee box make sure they have stock of vital items such as tea, coffee, sugar etc. 

Speaking to volunteer Mike Mackie he explained “There are so many charities out there trying to get people to part with their cash and so many stories of charity admin costs.  Yes,we have costs, such as paying for professional mental health staff to be availablewhen we are out with the coffee box, but people can help in a very immediateway and know their donation will be used directly to help those in need.  The Amazon wishlist allows people to purchaseteabags, coffee, sugar, biscuits etc. There is also the option to help with some of the more expensive items that we are hoping to provide in the near future.  If anyone would like to purchase these for us to enable us to get them sooner that would be great.  It makes such a difference to our guys to be able to chat with people who have been through the same sort of experiences, to know that they are not alone in struggling and to be able to do it informally.  It really is amazing the difference a cup of tea and a chat can make.

Having listened to Mike and his enthusiasm for the charity and this project, I am happy to say I have purchased some teabags which I am sure will not be my last purchase for this great cause.  Which doesn’t have some Chief Exec taking a huge salary from the donations.

If you would like to donate, you can find the wishlist here.  Please note if your items require the address to be provided, it is – Veteran’s Coffee Box, 28 Maxton Road, Crieff, PH7 3JX, phone number –  07488236604.


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