Why Are There Chickens At The Side Of The Road


I have just returned from a quick visit to the Co-op to stock up on some fresh food.  As I was cruising down the Feus, I was a bit surprised to see a chicken.

There was a chicken quite happily wandering about in the grass at the side of the road just before the roundabout. 

Unusual as this was, I thought it was probably having a bit of a wander from it’s nearby pen. 

Then as I came around the bends at Kirklands of Damside there were more chickens.  Three of them this time, wandering about in the grass verge at the side of the road. 

Is this just coincidence or is there some chicken conspiracy going on?  Does anyone know what’s happening, are the chickens hatching a plot? Have they crossed the road already or is that still to come?


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