Who Should Be Travelling in a Red Alert?


As we enter our second day of the Red Alert regarding the weather, the M80 and M876 have just been closed.  The announcement has been put out on social media.

Yesterday, despite warnings for most of the morning and the hours leading up to the Red Alert regarding weather conditions, many people chose to travel.  When police, traffic authorities and the transport minister advise not to travel, why is it that so many choose to ignore the warnings?

Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf has said he will be holding talks with employers after so many had been stranded whilst travelling for work.  “There will be some conversations I’ll be having after this weather event because I have seen HGVs that are carrying home furniture, stationery and piping.

“Now, I’m not convinced that that is all necessary and many of the incidents we’ve seen have involved a loss of traction from HGVs.”

What is necessary in extreme weather conditions?  What goods and services do you expect to be available at a time when the authorities have asked that people refrain from travelling?

Would you still expect to be able to purchase a takeaway/fast food?  How about being able to do your shopping at the supermarket?  Those in smaller towns are often lucky in adverse weather in that their local businesses are run by local residents who are able to travel the short distance required to open up.  Should we expect them to?

Sitting writing this there is a steady stream of traffic passing my house heading for the A9.  Whoever they are, either they or their boss feel it is worth risking lives to get to where they are going.

What do you think is necessary in a red alert and what sectors do you think should be closing the doors right now?


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