When the Law Is An Ass


In recent times there have been a number of reports involving police and the judicial system which leave me nothing to say but the law is an ass.

When the judge says that a wife cannot divorce her husband because her allegations of his unreasonable behaviour were the kind to be expected in a marriage.

When a new-born baby was taken from its parents before it even got to go home as some medical staff had concerns which they reported to the local council.  These concerns led to false information being given to a judge which resulted in the baby being removed from the parents before it was discharged from hospital.

When London Police will not give chase to criminals who are on a motorbike if they remove their helmet.  This is because of the risks to the suspect or members of the public.

What is going on in our society?  Why can those in authority impose such conditions on our lives?  Not content with imposing such conditions to ensure our society matches their view of what it should be, now our police forces are being forced to let criminals evade arrest, in case the criminal gets injured. This is when the law is an ass.

Ever have the feeling there is too much bureaucracy?  With one hand, they are holding you down, making you behave the way they wish you to or you must suffer the consequences.  On the other hand, you have the police less and less able to do the jobs we the laymen expect from them, less able to deal with the criminal elements of society.

Isn’t it time that the powers that be stopped thinking about their opinions and started to work within the laws of the land.  Why are criminals being left alone when everyday people who make a mistake are being hounded?

It is ridiculous to think that already in London there are gangs on motorbikes with their reg plates taped over and no helmets whom the police are forbidden to chase in case the suspects get injured.  It’s time we went back to basics.


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