When The Government Threatens Anarchy


As speculation fills the media regarding the upcoming vote on the future of the UK leaving the EU, it seems that one simple fact has been forgotten.

The United Kingdom is a democracy and as such the result of a referendum should not be ignored nor should elected representatives go against the majority will of the electorate. 

Much as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can say that with devolved parliaments they should be able to make their own choices, at present that is not the case.  The referendum was throughout the United Kingdom and the results from the whole electorate are what stands.

Just as the Scotland Independence referendum result was accepted in 2014, so should the EU referendum result be accepted today.

It is a terrifying precedent that will be set, if those in Parliament can decide to completely ignore the results of a democratically held referendum.  The statements that the electorate don’t know what they want and that those elected to represent them know better is both insulting and blatantly against the democratic process. 

If a decision made by the general electorate through a democratic process is ignored by those democratically elected to represent that electorate, is the UK still a democracy?

Once democracy is ignored, will the UK ever trust it’s MPs again?  If they can ignore the will of the majority in something as important as leaving the EU, how many other times will the people be ignored. 

At present the UK is run as a democracy.  If this evening, those supposed to represent that democratic process ignore it, will we still be a democracy?

For decades the UK Parliament has been held up as a bastion of democracy, will tonight be the beginning of the end? 

The UK population has suffered years of austerity at the hands of their elected representatives with very little protest.  Could this be the reason that these representatives are now threatening to ignore the democratic will of the people.

It’s certainly a scary prospect when it is your own Government threatening anarchy.


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