When The Government Misleads You – Turn To Your Community


An opinion piece from the editor

The most recent release of positive coronavirus figures has shown the UK Government to be utterly incompetent in this crisis.

The figures released today show 44105 tests carried out with 1543 testing positive in the UK.  This shows a reduction in the number of cases per day over the last couple of days according to the testing carried out.

These figures are obviously skewed due to the changes in testing implemented recently.  No testing is being done on those in isolation showing symptoms so therefore there could be thousands who do have the virus.  Because of the Government decision to only test such a small specific group of the population, people are getting a completely false impression of the number of cases in the country.

Even taking into account the slightly better track record of the Scottish Government, their figures say there are 17 cases in the whole of Tayside.  Having seen the recent reports on Facebook and other social media of people who are in isolation, it would appear that there are way more than 17 cases in Tayside.  They are just being told to isolate rather than being tested.

When you extrapolate that out across the country, you can see that the figures are woefully inadequate and are leaving many in the UK with a false sense of security. 

It is to be hoped that there will – you know I don’t even hope any more.  It took public outcry to get the UK Prime Minister to agree to update the country on a daily basis.  The figures being given out are totally misleading. 

Be under no illusion, there are multiple thousands of people with this virus.  There will be people who will die and there will be people who will recover and none of this will be officially recorded because there are so few people being tested for coronavirus. 

Now is the time for us to get to know our neighbours again, especially the elderly ones.  Local shops are once again offering deliveries for those in need and communities are pulling together.  We may never find out just how many thousands were infected but we will find out how many thousands made the effort to help others when it was needed.


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