When Does Christmas Start For You?


Does anyone else feel that today is the last day of pre Christmas normality?  For some reason I always think that once it reaches the 20th December it’s all about Christmas.  Today will be spent on a manic cleaning and tidying spree so that tomorrow we can do all things Christmas.

This starts tomorrow with the Christmas breakfast tray.  I will set it up tonight and when I come downstairs tomorrow morning I will make tea and put the cinnamon rolls in the oven.  I will then take them through to the sitting room and sit by the light of the Christmas tree enjoying wakening up slowly.

Later tomorrow I will shop for presents and bring them home for the wrapping fest.  This will consist of paper and ribbon all over the place as I try and make the presents look remotely respectable.  Let’s be under no illusions, the gift wrapping experts are in demand because we don’t have time to be that pernickety.  I am happy to watch the videos, but I will not be attempting the wrapping myself.

Then starts the home made goodies.  There are macaroon bars, peppermint creams and flapjacks to be made.  Looking at that sentence makes me sound like I am organised, please don’t think I am.  There will still be laundry and normal life going on, this home baking is not a Martha Stewart Christmas.  I just think it is nice to sit at night watching a movie and have home made munchies.  Plus, if you put some in a jar with a ribbon it makes a great present for someone with a sweet tooth.

I have such great plans for Christmas with all the family favourites.  Never managed to do all of them but every year on the 19th I panic and start trying to make everything the way it “should” be.  Fingers crossed I get some of it done.  I will post recipes for the munchies on the website shortly.

Good luck with your Christmas preparations.


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