When Did Abusing Workers Become Acceptable?


Yesterday whilst I was sitting at the computer whiling away a few moments, I received a call from my daughter.

She was at work and was having a particularly bad day.  I am not sure if it was because of the heat or because there was roadworks nearby, but customers had been exceptionally rude.  In fact, many customers had been rude, and my darling daughter was now becoming distraught.

I wonder just how good it makes people feel to abuse a young girl serving at a counter?  My daughter is only 5’3 and to be honest, she looks about 14.  Why do people think it is acceptable to hurl abuse at her when she is trying to do her job?  What makes it acceptable to yell at a member of staff when they are doing their best?

The next time you feel that a queue is taking too long to clear or the store doesn’t have that item you want, keep your mouth shut.  Do not start abusing the staff who probably have no control over what is happening.

If you feel you must vent your spleen, speak to a manager or contact the head office.  Do not take it out on the poor staff member who is doing their best to get through the day.

To try and counteract the soul destroying day my daughter was having, I decided to go visit her at work.  Not only that, I decided to go visit her on my motorbike.

This was the longest journey I had ever done on my wee 125cc bike and to say I was a bit nervous is a huge understatement.  However, I braved country roads and city streets and arrived at the service station where my daughter works.

She was suitably shocked to see her mother appear with the armoured jacket and big boots, as were her co-workers when I removed the helmet.  Thankfully this made her smile and her day seemed to get even better when I said she could keep the change from my fuel purchase.

That I felt this was necessary is a testament to the shocking behaviour that retail staff seem to have to put up with on a daily basis.

The next time you go to a store and  you feel that there is something lacking in the service, don’t yell and abuse the staff.  Ask for the manager and speak to them.

Also, if you are at a service station in the middle of Scotland and it’s a small young lady you are thinking of yelling at.  You better hope I am not getting my fuel at the same time because that will be my daughter and I will take issue with you.


Image Credit – The Black Sheep


  1. Well said Karen not only as a decent human being but a great mum too. I have worked in retail and customer serivce roles since I was 11 when my parents had the papershop.Going on to work for JLP and others before working for myself.Many of my roles involved training and writing more than one customer service manual. So a fair amount of customer service experience however nothing prepared me for having a grown man throw three twenty pound notes in my face and accuse me of virtual theft.That was a frightening and fairly life changing moment for me. Nothing would appease this ranting man, who may well have just been having a bad day. It is never acceptable to abuse shop staff. It certainly changed my view of being behind a counter where you can’t escape or retailate as then you would be in the wrong. His two minute rant had a significant effect on my mental heath for some weeks. So when you are shopping people please be nice if there is a problem most staff will try there best for you. As they say you get further with sugar then S***.


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