What NOT To Put In Your Blue Bin


It would be great to say that this week of challenging myself to reduce plastic use has gone well.  To be honest, I am still recovering from flu and have barely been out of the house. The only thing that has happened is I bought a loaf of bread and it was paper wrapped rather than plastic wrapped.

Rather than completely waste this week, I decided to have a look at the information from Perth and Kinross Council regarding what should not be put in the Blue Bin.   It seems that if there is contamination of items sent for recycling, whole lorry loads can be classed as contaminated and the whole lot sent to landfill.  All because someone didn’t know what they should and shouldn’t send for recycling.

The list of – DO NOT PUT IN BLUE BIN


Black Bags


Plastic Film

Plastic Bags – of any kind

Food Contaminated Packaging – greasy pizza boxes, microwave trays with food baked on

Foil packaging


Take away Hot Drink cups


All these items are often put in the blue bin by people who think that these items can be recycled.  It is possible they can be but not at the facilities available to Perth and Kinross Council.  As you can see the hot drinks cups that so often people think can be recycled are not able to be recycled by PKC.

There are separate glass recycling points throughout the area, please take a few moments to put your glass in these rather than the blue bin.  They may not be recycled if you put them in the blue bin.

For more information please download the Service Guide here.


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