What If The Ryder Cup Returns To Gleneagles In 2018?


There has been a fair amount of speculation over the last few days regarding the possibility of the Ryder Cup competition returning to The Gleneagles Hotel in 2018 due to safety concerns in France.

As yet, this possibility has not been confirmed in any official capacity by the Ryder Cup organisation.

If it becomes impossible for the event to be held at the official venue of the Albatros Course of Le Golf National in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, a suburb southwest of Paris it seems logical that Gleneagles would be an alternative.

As the venue for the 2014 Ryder Cup not much will have changed in the 4 years since and there will be many who were instrumental in preparing for the event still in position today.  This would make the organisational requirements quicker to put in place as much would be a repeat of the 2014 event.

Just in case there is a possibility of the event returning to Gleneagles in 2018, may we respectfully put forward a few suggestions to make the event more appealing to locals?

The original plan shut off Auchterarder to visitors.  All the information that was sent out to prospective visitors showed that vehicles were not allowed to park at the side of the road from Aberuthven right through Auchterarder.  Shops were initially to get passes for their customers to allow them to shop in the town.  The UK benefited from over £100 million spent in respect of the 2014 Ryder Cup.  Auchterarder and the surrounding areas saw very little of this.  What about the local businesses trying to survive in a town that had been put off limits?

Yes, the plan was scrapped – at the end of August when local businesses and residents had already lost the opportunities that the Ryder Cup was supposed to bring to the town.  Park and Ride to take you to the golf, even if you were staying in Auchterarder.  No leaving the golf courses or you couldn’t get back in.  No food and drink allowed to be taken in to the competition, you had to purchase food there.  Surely the local businesses in Auchterarder should get some benefit from events such as these?  How about an approved lunch hamper?  At least then there would be some income to the town from the event.

It would indeed be good for the country as a whole if the event returned to Gleneagles, however as the community that suffers most from the disruption, surely the Auchterarder area deserves to benefit from the event rather than be penalised by it?


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