What Happens After Lockdown?


How will day to day life change in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic?

During the restrictions in the UK, many people who previously would never have countenanced working from home have had to do so.  Local businesses have reacted by providing deliveries to people in their area.  Many of which would never have thought of deliveries before are now being overwhelmed by demand.

Social media influencers and celebrities have become inconsequential as we concentrate on supporting our healthcare workers, truckers, food producers and food retailers.

When the lockdown restrictions are eventually lifted, it will not be possible for lives to return to what they were before as if nothing happened.  Many families will be struggling to make ends meet meaning many sectors of the economy will not bounce back immediately.

The retail and hospitality industries will be some of the hardest hit as the population tries to get back to some semblance of the life they knew before.  The effects of over a month of restrictions could however change people’s habits for a very long time.

Local businesses who have made efforts to support local residents should hopefully see continued local loyalty.  Especially if they manage to continue to offer the extra services they provided throughout the lockdown.  Businesses who delivered locally, provided supplies for the most vulnerable and/or provided time to help their community will see local residents continue to support them.

Some businesses may well struggle to find staff and customers if their behaviour during the lockdown has been seen as unsatisfactory.  Those who fired staff, tried to furlough staff whilst directors still accepted bonuses and those who raised prices will all find that their actions will be remembered.

Once restrictions are lifted, day to day life will resume with many of us looking to celebrate and return to work to reinstate our income.  If you are one of the lucky ones who is still working or will be able to immediately return to work and get paid, take a moment to consider where you are going to spend that first paycheck after lockdown ends.

If you spend it locally, you will start to build the local economy.  If you spend in the local bakers, ironmongers, café or garage, they will in turn be able to bring back staff who will in turn be able to then buy locally. 

Why not make a list now of how you will be looking to spend locally when the shops are open?  Give local businesses and idea of what to expect.


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