Western Road Residents Fear Speeding Fatality


Western Road residents attended the most recent meeting of Auchterarder and District Community Council on Thursday to ask for help.

A group of residents from Western Road, Auchterarder asked for the help of the Community Councillors in putting forward their plea for something to be done about vehicles speeding in Western Road. 

They feel that in recent years the volume and speed of traffic using the road has increased to the point where it is no longer safe.  So much so that in some cases residents have stopped traffic to allow their cars to safely leave their properties and get onto the road, rather than take the chance of coming out and meeting a speeding vehicle. There have been many accidents already; when this happens an auto accident lawyer will usually be contacted.

Some residents have also taken the precaution of wearing hi viz vests if they are walking along the pavement to ensure they are seen.  Others have made the decision that it is not safe for their children to take the short journey to the park alone such is their fear of the speeding traffic.

Many drivers do not seem to know about or notice the 40mph signs as you come off the A9 Northbound into Western Road.  This results in vehicles continuing at 60mph until they see the 30mph sign.  This sign is also routinely ignored with drivers not slowing down until they are at the traffic calming island at St Margarets.

Although recent speed surveys put the average speed within the 40mph zone at 47mph.  Residents feel that this is a false reading due to the placement of the survey equipment in the vicinity of the cemetery.  A place where the vehicles arriving and leaving cemetery would give an artificially slow average figure.

Residents asked Community Councillors to help them put forward a case for speed traps and traffic calming measures to police and Perth and Kinross Council as a matter of urgency.  It is they feel becoming a matter of life and death and the possibility of a fatal accident is becoming ever more real as traffic increases.


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