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Here at Lang Toon Times we are delighted to announce a regular column from local fitness instructor Conor Moran.  Conor will be writing monthly articles to inform and encourage everyone who is looking to move forward on their health and fitness journey.  Obviously, I have asked him for his first article to be about how to get off of the couch and make a start.

Until then I will let Conor do the talking and introduce himself –

My name is Conor Moran, I am a personal trainer based in Auchterarder. I help busy people regain their confidence while transforming their bodies!

I thought I best start my first article by introducing myself to the readers. I have only recently started working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer earlier this year. I know, a great year to start. But I have been involved in fitness for many years now.

I first went to the school gym on my 16th birthday, with aspirations to get a 6 pack. Months and months went by of constant ab training for the results to be very unimpressive. However, I learned from this mistake (and many others I’ve made along the way) and bit by bit worked my way through the masses of conflicting information I was seeing and finally started to learn what worked.

Fast forward 9 years and I am still constantly learning! But having competed in natural bodybuilding 5 times and learned from some of the best natural bodybuilders in the world at The Body Academy in Perth I’d say I definitely know a thing or two about fat loss and gaining muscle now!

I am now pleased to be passing all of the knowledge I have gained along the way to others, and take great pride in seeing my clients achieve the results they want to achieve!

I have seen clients achieve much more than just a body transformation. Clients go from being weak, lacking energy, low in self-confidence and having poor health markers to being strong, confident, full of energy and healthier! This is what makes my job so rewarding to me!

So if you’d like to know more about your health and fitness, keep an eye out for my monthly articles in the Langtoon Times! And if you have anything you would like to see me cover feel free to send your suggestions to me via email, Instagram or Facebook!

E-mail: conormoranpt@yahoo.com
Instagram @conormoranpersonaltraining
Facebook: Conor Moran – Personal Training


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