Weekday Travel Will Be Different In Future


When booking my train tickets for travelling to and from London, I am not normally bothered about my seat allocation.  This journey has changed that completely.

The train has only just left Newcastle and I have been party to family information, peoples work history, sales deals and financial information.  It seems that during the week the train is an extension of the office but without the confidentiality and data protection that would normally be required in other environments.

My most recent train journeys prior to this one have been at weekends and I think I will ttry and do that for future journeys.

The guys who got on in Newcastle, less than 10 minutes ago who are sitting at the table in front of me have had 3 phone conversations between them.  I know how many thousands a team have brought it recently and who has been good and not so good.

Prior to their seating themselves there were a couple of gentlemen who were selling incentives to insurance companies to get customers to buy their products.

i am on this train for 5 hours and the chatter with people doing business is incessant.  As is the ability to look between the seats and read a computer screen.

Why are companies happy to have their business details discussed loudly on a train with those surrounding their staff all party to the conversation?

Originally I thought the idea of a quiet coach was ridiculous, now I would happily move to the quiet coach for a bit of peace.

Oh and the guy at the table is discussing a prospective employee, he asked what his personal life was like.  Proof positive that you should be wary about what you put online.

I am now going to find the quiet coach and see if there are any seats free. Wish me luck.


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