Wee Ginger Dug Comes To Dunning


The Wee Ginger Dug is on his travels and with his trusty companion Paul Kavanagh is due to touch down at the Dunning Hotel tonight.

Recent reports of Sadiq Khan likening Nationalism to Racism or Bigotry and an MP representing Shipley in West Yorkshire standing talking for 91 minutes against the Parliamentary Bill which would force the Government to sign up to the international Istanbul Convention on preventing domestic violence, show an amazing disregard for the general population.

Why not head for Dunning tonight and enjoy some straight talking from someone who is happy to discuss their views on Scottish Independence, Brexit and much more? Only a few short miles from the Labour Party Conference in Perth where Mr Khan was speaking earlier today trying for damage control after his ill thought remarks regarding his visit.

Politics is becoming less and less accessible since the Independence Referendum and the Brexit Referendum.  Many Politicians make no attempt to hide their contempt for their constituents and their wishes.  Some even go so far as to give the impression that their constituents are similar to unruly children and don’t know what’s best.

Whether you are for or against Scottish Independence, what was glaringly obvious throughout the campaign was the involvement, people talking and discussing politics.  People actively getting involved in something that they felt they were able to be heard.

The Brexit referendum did similar but in a smaller way to England and Wales. People started talking, started thinking about who was in charge and how it affected them. That has gone now as politicians pontificate about how ill informed the electorate are and unable to make the proper decision.  The power these people felt they had has been swept away from them.

The quickest way to get that power and involvement back is to talk.  Talk to friends, talk to neighbours and find out what is happening.  Don’t stick your head in the sand.  There’s a Wee Ginger Dug who may just come and help dig you out.

See you in Dunning


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