Watch Out For This Amazon Email Scam


This morning I received an email from Amazon to remind me that my billing information required updating.  Automatically I thought scam.

Then I looked at it, the email address read and they weren’t asking for money.  It looked as if it may be legitimate.   However, as I am the checker of everything online for both my parents and my daughter I thought I would just dig a little deeper.

The email address sending this missive was actually  a step away from a normal account.   If it had truly been from Amazon, the email would have had, no other words required.  Just to make sure I checked WHOIS to find out who owns that domain.  A company called Domains By Proxy registered this domain name.  The domain name when checked has Amazon Legal Department and Amazon Technologies as the organisation.

It would have been so easy to fall for this, especially when I usually just check the end of email addresses to see where emails come from.

If you receive an email asking to update your Amazon information, please be careful.


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