Walking The Provost Walk Prior To Forthcoming Upgrades


As the provost walk upgrade continues the next stage will be from the end of the current upgrade at the bottom of Glenburn road towards the Public Park.  To remove the steep gradient the path will meander to allow a smooth slope accessible to all, taking it away from its current route.

Having spent many happy hours down the provost walk as a child, I thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk and take some photographs of this area before it changes.  You can find the rest of the photographs in the gallery at www.auchterarder.net

From the bottom of Ruthven Street to the Granny Stane is approx. 0.7 miles (I checked) just in case you are looking to use it as a training walk.  At present for those using bikes or pushing buggies there is a well trodden path to the side of the steps leading from the spring to the seat at the top of the hill.  The Granny Stane to my surprise is past the seat on the left hand path if you have just come up the hill.  It is a whole lot smaller than I remember it.

If you are looking for one last walk down memory lane, now is the time to do it before works commence.


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