Vibrant Community or Dormitory Town?


As Auchterarder and the surrounding towns and villages expand and grow, how has this influx of people affected your local High Street?
There have been reports over the years of the death of the High Street, smaller businesses being put out of business as the retail parks grow. Locally however it seems there is not the demand for a Supermarket, well at least not enough demand for a supermarket to be interested in opening a store.
Is Auchterarder High Street getting busier? You would expect so with the increase in homes and residents or, is it turning into a dormitory town? Are more people moving into the area but spending their money and leisure time somewhere else?
Lang Toon Times has put together a short survey to try and get an overview of how local residents shop and spend their leisure time to try and get an insight into how the area is moving forward. Please take a few moments to fill it in and let us know what you do now and what you would like to see going forward.
The results will be freely available in the interests of letting local residents and community groups have relevant information for projects moving forward.
The survey is here – Lang Toon Times Survey


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