Vandals Target Perth Community Farm


Today was supposed to be a good day for Perth Community Farm.  That was until the volunteers arrived this afternoon to find that the farm had been targeted by vandals.  

Having built the farm from scratch to help provide good quality home grown food for local residents, volunteers are sickened by the mindless vandalism.  Not only was equipment damaged but plants due to be harvested in the near future have been destroyed.

Perth Community Farm was set up with a vision to encourage people to help grow their own produce.  People on low incomes could volunteer their time and receive produce in return.  From schools to pensioners groups and everyone in between, all could learn about their food from growing to cooking and eating the fruits of their labours.  Cooking classes, disabled access, parent and toddler groups were all to be catered for when this years initial planting was done.

Not just a place to learn about food but a place to meet people and enjoy company whilst helping provide fruit and veg to the local area. 

This excellent new venture is now hanging in the balance thanks to the actions of some childish individuals who seem to derive pleasure from destruction. Months of work destroyed in a few moments of petty thuggery.

Perth Community Farm could be a fantastic opportunity for so many in the local area.  Please show your support and let the volunteers know that they are doing the right thing.  Whether you donate your time or you can donate cash, let’s show them that the local community appreciates the efforts they are making.


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