Vandalism Strikes In The Heart Of Auchterarder


This morning Auchterarder residents were greeted with the results of mindless vandalism.

Lang Toon Times received this note from the Bloom Association.

“This morning school children, parents and passers-by were shocked to see the vandalism to the three tier- planters at the entrance to School Lane. Plants had been ripped from both planters and one had been overturned. This comes just two weeks after Auchterarder had been given a Silver Gilt award and judged the Best Country Town by Take A Pride in Perthshire.
The planters are maintained by Auchterarder in Bloom and volunteers have been encouraged by the large number of positive comments from residents about how they add to the vibrancy of the High Street. So it is hugely disappointing to see behaviour like this in our town. We hope that this will prove to be an isolated incident.”
The damage was quickly cleared up and the overturned planter righted.
Pictured is the planters being prepared in May this year.


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