Vandalism in Auchterarder & District


In Auchterarder and the surrounding area it would appear that vandalism is becoming a more popular pastime.

Blackford Church suffering badly in recent times, gardens being almost destroyed and this morning Corbie and Cheip arrived to find their door had been damaged with a pane of glass broken with a considerable amount of force.

These are not the only incidents in the area and once you start speaking to people about this, it is sadly not unusual for property to be destroyed.  What has happened that vandalism is again now becoming commonplace in the area?

So many efforts are being made to improve the local towns and villages with Auchterarder in Bloom ensuring beautiful flower displays and the Community Council and Community Partnership trying to move forward with improvements for the town.  There are similar efforts in Blackford, Dunning and Aberuthven.

Are all these improvements, that have sometimes been years in the making, going to be destroyed by some mindless thugs who have nothing better to do than destroy the enjoyment of others?  When did it become acceptable to head home at night and just decide to destroy something for the fun of it?  In previous years it would have been the young and reckless who were trying to show their macho credentials, nowadays it seems vandalism is no longer the preserve of the young.

The Auchterarder area is struggling to find it’s own identity with the loss of T in the Park and no other large events to replace it.  The last thing that is needed is for it to have a reputation for vandalism.  It won’t take long for this to relate to the wider community in less visitors and making the town a less desirable place to live, these factors will then have an effect on employment with shops and housebuilding being affected.


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