Valentine’s Day Dos and Don’ts


Don’t forget, don’t even pretend to forget –  It may seem like a fabulous idea to pretend to forget then spring a huge surprise.  Who wants the love of their life going through Valentine’s Day feeling bad?  Yes, it may be a great surprise but is it enough to make up for hours of hurt?  If you must do a surprise then give a card and let your significant other know there is more it’s just not quite here yet, then carry on with your surprise.

E Cards are not acceptable – They can be additional but they cannot be all you do, that shows a lack of effort on your part.

Don’t be crude – This is the one day of the year dedicated to love and romance.  Every other day we are bombarded with sexualised images and innuendo, make Valentine’s day different.  Show the love, not the lust.

Do make it personal – flowers and chocolates are good buy tickets to see the latest movie and some premium bathing products might be more suitable.  You know your partner, you know what you should be getting.

Do be appreciative – If someone has gone to the trouble of getting you a card and/or a gift to show how much they care, show your appreciation.  Take time to open a gift and focus on the giver so they know you appreciate their efforts.  Don’t lay it down saying you will get to it later.

So now you know the basics of Valentine’s Day and how to make it a little bit better for everyone.  Remember in Auchterararder we have Giftbox and Grace and Favour for gifts and jewellery, Chocolate Galley for handmade chocolates and Simply Sweet for a whole range of sweet treats.

If you are still stuck, then there is always the old favourite – Amazon – remember and check your delivery times.


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