Upgraded Provost Walk Official Opening


£260,000 of path upgrade works on Phase Two of the Provost Walk project due to be officially opened Saturday, 18 August.

Path works have upgraded 576 m of narrow, muddy path, to an all-user, sealed surface 2.5 metres wide suitable for walkers, cyclists and wheelchairs.

Phase two path upgrade connects the Jubilee Public Park to the end of Phase One works beneath Townhead, Robertson Homes development.

The launch event will include a gentle stroll, starting at the Jubilee Public Park on Western Road, along the upgraded path and a glimpse of the adjoining 1100 metre section of path that will be upgraded in Phase Three.

PKCT Manager Morag Watson said of the project: “The overwhelming support we’ve had from the local community and funders for the Provost Walk project has been very encouraging and enjoyable.

“The lights placed along the new path will mean the local community can continue to use the path safely after dark and as the days get shorter in the autumn and winter months.

“The gentle curves of the upgraded path allow for better access to the path, and the placement of benches will allow visitors to take a break and enjoy the beautiful outdoors of the area.

Our Communities Officer Bid Strachan, has done a wonderful job delivering this great new amenity for the community.”

PKCT have already project managed over £300,000 of path upgrades in Auchterarder, including Phase One of Provost Walk, Johnny Mathews and Common Loan.

Further information and updates can be found on the Auchterarder Core Paths Working Group’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/auchterardercorepaths and on PKCT’s website at www.pkct.org.

Provost Walk Phase Two upgrade was funded by Sustrans, the Auchterarder Common Good Fund and money raised by the Auchterarder Community Sports and Recreation Core Path Working Group – a local community group.


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