Unsafe Meat & Poultry from Brazil Restricted by EU


Shopping local is now more important than ever.  With the recent problems found in the meat trade in Brazil safety has to be a concern to many.  With China, Hong Kong and the EU now restricting imports of meat from Brazil due to safety fears there is a question over products already in the food chain.

Concerns have been raised about the processing of rotten meat and the export of products tainted with salmonella.  These products are most likely to be in our kitchens in the form of processed meat such as burgers, kebabs etc although there could still be some minced beef or stewing steak that has come from Brazil.  It would be advisable for everyone to check the country of origin of any meat and poultry products.

International trade in the food industry has helped reduce costs in supermarkets but at what price?  These practices of passing products unfit for human consumption and putting them in the food chain are horrific and putting lives at risk around the world.

Cheap food has become commonplace with the percentage of income being spent of food now approximately half of what it was 50yrs ago.  Imported food costing less than the equivalent to be produced on home soil have had long reaching repercussions on the UK farming industry which now has a much reduced capacity.

Certainly, until things have been cleared up regarding what imported meat and poultry is safe, the fact that local butchers are able to tell you exactly where their product comes from, down to the farm in most cases is something to be embraced.


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