Unidentified Flashing Lights – Not Quite


Thankfully my duties of running my daughter to and from work for the nightshift are over for this week.  It is not much fun driving back and forward to Perth late at night and early in the morning.

Two nights ago as I was driving back through Aberuthven heading for Auchterarder to go to my parents house I noticed coloured flashing lights at the bottom of  Mennieburn Road.  They were low to the ground and seemed to be moving about.  Not quite sure what was going on I slowed down to make sure all was well.

I was surprised to see that the flashing was a dog collar.  Who knew that you could now get dog collars that flashed?  It certainly made me slow down which makes things safer for the dog and owner.

I thought this was a great idea and promptly forgot about it until last night when I saw some more flashing lights on my way home, this time in Auchterarder.  This really is a fantastic idea and makes things so much safer for people walking their dogs in the dark winter months.

Never let it be said that I would encourage people to use things other for their intended purpose but I am sure there is much I can do with such a thing.  So it seems my unidentified flashing lights were nothing more than a couple of dogs safely being taken for a walk in the dark.


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