UK Involved In Air Strikes In Syria


As we waken on this Saturday morning the news that UK forces along with their US and French counterparts were involved in a strike against chemical weapons assets in Syria is the main headline in the news.

Prime Minister Teresa May has made a statement to press this morning to confirm the action and the reasoning behind it.  These were co-ordinated and targeted to degrade targeted facilities where the Assad regime is assessed to keep chemical weapons.

Mrs May continued stating that “Syria has an abhorrent record of using chemical attacks against its own people. Based on the regimes persistent pattern of behaviour, they will continue to do so – this must be stopped”

A Cabinet meeting  on Thursday took advice from various sources and agreed it was right and legal to take military action together with our closest allies.   According to Mrs May this was not about interfering in a civil war or a regime change, it was a limited targeted and effective strike to degrade and deter the Assad regime from further chemical attacks.

When asked why this decision was not brought to Parliament to allow a debate, Mrs May replied “it is one of the gravest decisions for a Prime Minister to send our service people into action.  We owe it to them for operational security to be protected.”

“This is about the use of chemical weapons – for nearly 100yrs these have been illegal.  We have seen nerve agent in London and chemical weapons in Syria.  For the alleviation of humanitarian suffering in Syria and more widely it is in all our interests to restore the ban.”

It remains to be seen just what the consequences of this action will be.  The reduction of chemical weapon capability in Syria would be a positive result for all concerned.  Hopefully this will be the extent of results for this action.


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