UK Government Changes Media Narrative


As the media started to publish reports on the increasing shortages of materials and stock in UK it seems that the political narrative has changed.

Last week there were a number of reports from various retailers and distributors regarding shortages. These reports were warning that shortages are continuing and would possibly affect the Christmas celebrations. The main causes for these distribution problems were proclaimed to be Brexit and the Covid pandemic.

The Covid pandemic has been a major reason that a high number of staff in both retail and distributions centres have been absent from work.  The increase in case numbers has led in turn to an increase in those being advised to isolate. These increases have meant many businesses are running short staffed. 

Brexit has been a major reason that many European HGV drivers who were working in the UK have decided it is no longer financially viable for them to do so.  Now with extra paperwork and often extended delays entering the UK many have decided to stay within EU borders.

The number of reports in various media outlets started to increase and the upcoming problems were mentioned on most of the main television news bulletins. 

Within 36 hours there seemed to be a new headline.

Now the main media focus is on social care and how it is going to be paid for in the future.

This is obviously a very important subject and one that has been the focus of media attention on many occasions. Especially when you take into account the statement from current Prime Minister Boris Johnson that no one should have to sell their home to pay for care.

It is however a subject that the UK Government has tried to avoid on multiple occasions over recent years.

It seems amazing to see that for reasons known only to themselves that the UK Government has now made the future of Social Care front and centre of their media campaign.

Could this be to deflect from the very immediate supply chain problems, to save them having to admit that they have no answers?


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