UK Government Must Stop Being Economical With The Truth


With the announcement that Michael Gove is now self isolating due to a family member showing symptoms of Covid-19, the UK Government response is now undergoing rapid change.

It is to be hoped that the people of the UK are given better information in forthcoming days than they were given when Boris Johnson became ill.

After the hospitalisation of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is suffering from Covid-19, there are many people feeling unsure as to the veracity of the information coming out from the UK Government.

Yesterday at the UK Government Coronavirus briefing, much was made by Dominic Raab that the Prime Minister was still in charge and leading the Government response to the virus.  Considering that briefing was at 5pm in the evening and it was announced just after 8pm that Boris Johnson was in intensive care, it would appear the truth was being withheld at some stage.

Dominic Raab is now the face of the UK Government as the person chosen by Boris Johnson to take his place if required.

The people of the UK will now be watching the daily briefing knowing that the truth was withheld from them with regards to the Prime Minister’s condition.  It stands to reason that they will be wondering what else is being withheld.

What is not being withheld is that this virus is a killer and the best and easiest way to stay safe is to stay away from people and wash your hands.  After two weeks of lockdown with the message of social distancing coming to the fore, it is easy to forget the importance of handwashing and it is a vitally important factor in stopping the spread of the virus.

Whilst we watch to see just how the UK Government will move forward with the consequences of ministers being infected, the best we can do is to take all possible steps to avoid infection ourselves.


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