UK Forces Continue to Operate in Iraq and Syria


With the wave of terrorist attacks on European soil it is easy to forget that the UK still has forces involved in Iraq and Syria.  These forces are mainly from the RAF and are there, away from their families fighting to make our world a safer place.  The MOD today announced that Operation Shader continues with activities carried out recently in the area including –

On Friday 18 August, Tornados were tasked with the destruction of a heavily booby-trapped building discovered in eastern Syria, south of Al Hasakah, which was too dangerous to approach.  The building was destroyed with a Paveway which safely detonated the concealed explosives.  Over Raqqa, a mixed pair of aircraft silenced a sniper firing on the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A Typhoon flight faced a challenging target on Saturday 19 August – a fast-moving truck carrying a group of terrorists across the desert in Iraq, west of Bayji.  Despite the vehicle’s speed, a Paveway IV was guided accurately onto the target, destroying it.  Tornados continued to provide close air support to the Syrian Democratic Forces in Raqqa, destroying a terrorist strongpoint.

On Sunday 20 August, Typhoons bombed a further Daesh position in Raqqa.  In eastern Syria, Tornados targeted a group of terrorists deployed near the border with Iraq – two Paveways hit their trucks and killed several of the extremists.  Meanwhile, two mixed flights of Tornados and Typhoons assisted the Iraqi forces around Tall Afar; Paveway IVs destroyed two mortar and rocket teams, an anti-tank missile team, and a group armed with rocket-propelled grenades, whilst a Brimstone missile accounted for a small group of terrorists caught manoeuvring in the open.

Over 1300 personnel are involved in Operation Shader which is the UK contribution in the fight against Daesh.

Today LTT thought it would acknowledge and thank them for their efforts.


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