Try Out an E-Bike Today


Ever wondered about an E-Bike, how much more helpful they would be in negotiating the hills round about Auchterarder?

Why not head down to the school bus park today where Synergy Cycles have the 3 E-Bikes purchased by the Auchterarder Community Partnership for you to try out.  These bikes will be available for local residents to borrow to help encourage cycling in the area.

When I arrived this morning looking for someone to video on one of the bikes I was delighted to have John Johnmann volunteer to show how easy it is.  At 83 years young he showed us all just how it is done.

An E-Bike is pretty simple to understand, it works the same as a normal cycle with the addition of a plus and minus button to press if you want more or less help from the power.

Having tried it out myself I can vouch that it is very smooth and the way it works when you start going up a hill that you are not pedalling any harder makes it very enjoyable to use.  All in all it seems a great way to spend a couple of hours.

Why not go down to the school and try one out for yourself?  The bikes will be there to try until 2pm today.


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