Tonight is Theatre Night


Tonight, we are going to the theatre.  Efforts will be made to make this night different from all the previous lockdown nights.

The options tonight include Antony and Cleopatra from the National Theatre at Home, By Jeeves from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s youtube page, The Shows Must Go On, Romeo and Juliet from the San Francisco Ballet and La Boheme from the Metropolitan Opera.  As well as these offerings you can of course purchase downloads of many other productions to suit your personal taste.  It’s a perfect time to try some theatre that you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

What we are going to watch however comes a very far second to the rest of the preparations for tonight. 

There will be a carefully thought out three course dinner procured from the contents of the fridge/freezer and cupboards.  This dinner will be served at a table – possibly a coffee table but I am working on that.  Said table will have a tablecloth – possibly a quilt cover or sheet but who are we to grumble?  I mean who has tablecloths nowadays?  There will be candles, well tea lights, as I don’t have candlesticks and we just took the empty bottles to the bottle bank this week.  Cutlery will be laid out and wine glasses polished to a shine – I know I have wine glasses in this house, I just need to find them.  Thankfully, I have a few hours before they are needed.

As for us, there will be hours of preparation.  First will be the checking to see what going out clothing still fits.  Let’s be honest, it’s lockdown, there are probably quite a few of us using those clothes that we kept in the back of the cupboard just in case.  Then there will be the preparation of said outfits, meaning I will probably have to go find the iron again. 

Bath or shower will need to be had with all the accompanying equipment to primp and preen in a way we have not done in weeks.  Prior to that it would probably be a good idea to find all the necessary accoutrements such as hairdryer, hairspray, make up etc.  Must remember we have just had new smoke alarms fitted and make sure not to set them off with steam when I open the bathroom door. 

Shoes will need to be polished, hair battered into submission as we weep and wail at the enforced suffering of no hairdresser or beautician on such an important night.  Nails will be cut short and simple because let’s face it, we all know we need our nails done by the professionals.  Somewhere in the depths of the steam there will be gruff grumbles as even he bemoans the lack of professional grooming available when he is being forced to dress up.

As I write this, I am realising that the carefully thought out three course meal will have to be considered with the cooking requirements in mind.  If I am putting all this effort into dressing up, the last thing I want is to open the oven door, get a face full of steam and end up with my hair and make up heading in a downwards direction.  Decision made that first course will not be the simple soup I had in mind but a cold starter that I can prepare earlier.  Dessert will also be cold it seems, thus ensuring that I still look presentable after dinner. 

I am determined that tonight we are going to be having a theatre experience.  There will be effort made and dressing up and good food presented well.  I may have bitten off more than I can chew and right now I am beginning to wonder if this is maybe growing arms and legs from when I first had the idea.  Oh well, here goes nothing, keep an eye on the FB page to see how we get on.   Let us know if you are doing or have done something similar and how you got on.


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