To The BBC And Their Ignorance of Snow


It’s Sunday 4 March, just before 9am.  The BBC News Channel is on so I can catch up with what’s happening in the world.  They are talking about the snow and the chaos throughout the country that has been caused by the Beast from the East and Storm Emma.

I don’t know about you, but I am hugely thankful to so many people who have gone above and beyond at this time.  I also know that clearing roads, train tracks and pavements is not something that can happen overnight.  Anyone who has tried to dig out a car or clear a path with more than 4 inches of snow knows what I am talking about.

I am therefore horrified at the way the BBC handled their questioning of Humza Yousaf on their programme this morning.

The first question led with the fact that there are still major problems, which there are, then said there were no trains, airports are closed and asked “Why weren’t you prepared for this?”

I don’t know what planet the person who wrote that question has been living on but it was one of the most stupid questions I have heard in a long time.

Warnings had gone out for days before the snow arrived.  When the red alert was announced the police and the Scottish Government advised not to travel.  It was advised that people leave work early and try to get home before the red alert became valid.

Since then there have been hundreds of people doing double shifts, working in extreme conditions to try and keep the infrastructure of the country going.  Emergency services have had staff doing everything they can to help individuals and communities who have been badly affected.  Local Council workers have been working day and night to keep roads open and allow access to towns and villages for residents and deliveries.  Railway workers have been hammering icicles from tunnels and clearing tracks.

It is ridiculous that someone in a London Studio can ask why we weren’t prepared and was the response quick enough.  The response was instant and constant, unfortunately so was the snowfall which quickly undid a lot of the work initially done.

London is clear of snow and has bright sunshine at present, I know because that is where I am writing this piece having driven down from Scotland yesterday.  I drove down on roads that had been cleared of snow and in some cases were still being cleared of drifts.

Personally, I take exception to the tone of the question from the BBC and the complete lack of acknowledgment of the hundreds of people who have worked their asses off over the last week in horrendous conditions.

I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank everyone who has made the effort to get our communities back to normal.  There are still some smaller villages who are cut off by the snow, just as there are still people working to clear the roads, restore electricity, deliver food, help the vulnerable and tend the sick in very difficult conditions.

Shame on you BBC.


  1. Well said, the banal and pointless manner used by the majority of been “journalists” is so shallow and downright condescending. Their knowledge and understanding of daily routines and systems of work in the real world is shocking.


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