Time to Ignore Results Day


The recent results day will have thrown many a parent and child into a frenzy, not always in a good way.  With the ridiculous expectations nowadays for A+ results I wonder what is going to happen over the next few years to all these graduates?

I know what will happen to many over the next few months once they have finished their degree.  They will need to leave the flat they have been staying in with their friends for the last couple of years.  They will need to find a position that will accept someone in their twenties who has barely held down a job.

Many will return home to their parents, go back to their childhood room and prepare once again to be a child.  Let’s face it, the parents are not going to suddenly change the way they live because the now educated child has returned home.  The child who has returned home is going to have to get used to doing things the way the parents want them done, no independence any more.

In 2016 figures showed that 20% of graduates were in low or medium skilled jobs.  After years of study and often thousands of pounds worth of debt, they are no better off than their classmate who left school and went straight to work. In some cases, the classmate will already have climbed the career ladder, got their own place and or car and be making an independent life for themselves.

An important point to remember on results day is that everyone, no matter from the poorest to the richest, qualified or not will need certain skills at some point.  Someone has to drive lorries, build houses, trades will always be needed, whether plumber, electrician, mechanic etc.  There is more in society than doctors and lawyers, everyone has a part to play and it doesn’t always take a university degree to be valuable.


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