Time To Clear Out the Inbox


Today is Unsubscribe Day.

Throughout the year if we have ordered something online, signed up for something or sometimes even just been researching something we will have given away our email address.  This of course means that the people we gave our email address to can send us emails to let us know of their latest offers.

For some companies this is a genuine claim and they only send you information on special offers.  For others this means that we are on their mailing list and they email us every month/week/couple of days.

This has a detrimental effect on our inboxes and eventually we can end up missing something important as it gets lost in the marketing emails.

Today I am going through my inbox and unsubscribing from those that I no longer wish to hear from.  Insurance companies, clothing companies, Facebook and internet providers.  If I have purchased a product from a company, I do not need to receive an email every week asking me to upgrade or showing me another product they offer.

With retailers now asking if we would like our receipt emailed to us there will be more and more emails coming our way this year.  This morning when I opened up my personal email, there were over 1200 unread emails in there.  Most of them marketing as anything important will have been read.

Isn’t it amazing that a few short years ago we used to get so excited at the “You’ve Got Mail” message.  Now we just ignore it as it is so often from a business trying to get us to save money.

This is probably going to take a couple of hours but it will be worth it in the end as I start the new year with a much leaner and cleaner email inbox.


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