Time To Get My New Diary


I am so excited about getting my new diary it is ridiculous, but it is so great it just has to be done.

Last year I had to get a diary, I didn’t want a diary but I needed one as I was going to be running my own business.

At first I went with the standard diary used in offices by so many people I had worked with, the Collins A5 Week to View Diary   for some reason this didn’t particularly suit me. There just didn’t seem enough room for stuff. It seemed a business diary was not for me.

Then I heard about the Life Book diary   which is definitely designed for people like me. This book has pages for notes, month to view, tear off shopping lists at the side of every page.  There are plenty of notes pages, stickers and a separate address book tucked in the back that you can switch to next years diary.  There is even the Family Life Book for those with up to seven people to keep track of.

Although this diary starts in August 2017, it runs to December 2018 so you don’t have to get a new one in August next year, you can keep this one to December next year.  The best thing of all I think is that it is spiral bound and looks great.  This is what I am off to buy and enjoy getting ready to use over the next few days.


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