Time To Chase Tax Avoiders Rather Than Tax Payers


As local councils face more cuts to their budgets allocated by National Government it seems that the same people are being tasked with funding the shortfalls.

Reports in the media of street lights being dimmed or turned off to save money, business rates rising at a rate destined to remove many small businesses from the High Street  and road maintenance works in crisis. That’s before you even start thinking about the hidden problems in the standards of new buildings as shown in the inquiry into Edinburgh Schools which resulted in a number of councils having to carry out remedial works.

How will councils cope with the reduction in funding?  Will it be Council Tax that has to increase to pay the shortfall, Business Rates we know are due to be re-evaluated this year.  Will it be Vehicle Tax increases that pay for the roads infrastructure?

All these methods of raising funds affect the same group of people.  Those working and living in local areas, whether local businesses or home owners, are commonly the target of these fundraising exercises.  The “Just About Managing” whom the Government have said they will support will bear the brunt of another swathe of cuts to services.

What about those who manage to avoid paying the taxes so assiduously collected from those in full time employment?  Whether it be Beckham or Barlow, Costa Coffee or Amazon, even the politicians using tax avoidance schemes or manipulating allowances to ensure family property is repaired at the taxpayers expense.

So many of those in the top earnings brackets have hired accountants to ensure they pay as little tax as possible.  Millionaires who pay less tax than the average working man.  International businesses avoiding paying any Corporation Tax at all in the UK despite profits of over £1 billion.

It’s time the UK Government stopped allowing itself to be the go to place for tax avoidance.  When other countries Governments invest in the UK because the perks are better than their own, surely there has to be questions asked?  If your business makes money from the British people then it should be taxed like the British people.

How about sending the tax collectors to the tax avoiders instead of squeezing the hard working “Just About Managing” even further?


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