This Good Friday, be a Good Neighbour


As we enter the end of the third week of Coronavirus lockdown, Good Friday would be a great time to be a good neighbour.

For some of our more elderly population, when the lockdown started they may have had family members from out of town arrange online shopping for them.  As many of us know, it is now almost impossible to get online shopping booked.

If someone was asked if they needed help a couple of weeks ago, they may have said no because their family was dealing with everything.  Unfortunately, it may be a different story today and it would be a tragedy if someone needed help but didn’t know who to ask.

That’s why, tomorrow, Good Friday, we are asking you to be a good neighbour.  Check on your neighbours just to make sure. 

Three weeks is a long time in isolation and our most vulnerable may have expected lockdown to end this weekend. Maybe even stretching out supplies hoping that things would be back to normal on Monday. 

Even if your neighbour is not what you would consider vulnerable, why not check, just in case?

It may be useful to make a sign to introduce yourself and ask if they need anything.  Then you could hold it up at a window, so they don’t have to worry about coming to the door.  Keeping social distancing measures is imperative, please ensure you keep everyone safe.

As social distancing can help protect our NHS, so can being a good neighbour, helping to make sure that our community is safe.

This Good Friday be a Good Neighbour


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