This Bank Holiday Weekend GET OFF THE PHONE!


This Bank Holiday, wouldn’t it be absolutely fabulous if we could all just take a moment and appreciate the fantastic efforts made by various teams all over the country?

There will be thousands of staff whose purpose is to help you have a great Bank Holiday weekend.  Many of them will have been trained to ask certain questions such as, “do you require a bag” or checking the size of an item of clothing.  In restaurants there will be questions about additional dishes or whether there are allergies.

Having worked in hospitality for many years, I know that the asking of these questions can be very important, especially on busy holiday weekends.  No one wants to make a mistake and have to rectify it on one of the busiest weekends of the year.

To help make this easier for teams all over the country, as well as your fellow holiday makers it would be much appreciated if everyone could


I am fed up of standing in a queue waiting patiently to pay for whatever I am buying and having to wait whilst someone completely ignores the cashier whilst they are on the phone.  Apart from being very rude, it is impacting my day by having to wait for some stranger finishing a phone call.

It is not my job to try and stop some strange child from running on the road when they are having a meltdown because their parents are too busy on the phone to keep an eye on their offspring.

I really would prefer not to have to listen to someone moaning about their problems to some invisible confidante on the end of the phone whilst I am trying to have a relaxing meal with my partner.  Nor do I want to have to wait for a server in a restaurant who is spending time taking photographs of people, so they can post on social media.

Too often our time is being held hostage by those who are too rude and self centered to pay attention to what they are doing rather than get off the phone.  This Bank Holiday weekend, why not make an effort to appreciate those who are making the effort to ensure we have a great time.  In fact, why not just stop being so rude altogether and get off the phone when interacting with people in real life?


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