There Is A New Church In The Area


This Sunday 25th August the newly renamed St Andrew’s UF Church will open its doors under the ministry of Rev. Jerome O’Brien.

From 9.30am there will tea and toast and possibly even cake being served, something for everyone.  From 10.00 the gathering together to worship will begin and after the service there will be an occasion for further refreshments and conversation.

You may have received the flyer recently about these changes.  A flyer which welcomes children, babies, singers and growlers.  Those who have not been to church in many years and those who could use a prayer.  Whether you are on top of the world or down in the dumps, you are welcome.

An invitation is extended to everyone in the area to come along and visit and experience the new church.  This is a new chapter and Rev. O’Brien is looking forward to greeting everyone who wishes to come and find out the future of the St Andrew’s UF Church in Auchterarder.


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