The Worrying Demise Of Democracy


I have tried not to post about the whole Brexit debacle however today I feel it is time to look at it in a different way.  A look at the complete breakdown of normally accepted rules of democracy.

The electorate of the UK were asked a question.  The question had two options A or B, whether those options were yes and no or leave and stay or black and white makes no difference.  There were two options and the UK electorate were asked which option they preferred. 

The electorate voted for their preference and the result was declared.  A result the electorate had been told would be honoured and was irreversible.

It really is that simple, a question was asked, the answer was given.  In a democracy, that answer should then be acted upon.

This question was asked throughout the country.  There were no constituency lines, no party lines, it was a straight number count. 

As representatives of the electorate, MPs should honour the result of any referendum which is undertaken.  It shouldn’t matter whether their constituency voted for that result or not, it shouldn’t matter whether they agree with the result or not.  A referendum is a question asked of the electorate for their decision which should then be acted upon.  It is not the place of MPs to decide whether they feel the result is acceptable and act on how they feel things should happen.  The role of the MP is to carry out the wishes of the electorate.

The manner in which the direct will of the electorate is being singularly ignored at the moment as politicians squabble yet again is shameful. 

It also bodes ill for the future of the democracy of our country if the results of a vote can be singularly ignored because our political leaders don’t agree with the decisions made. 

Whether that vote is for black or white, leave or stay, yes or no, the vote of the public should be honoured as it was made.  That this vote is not being honoured is a worrying precedent that could have long term ramifications for the future of the country.


  1. Oh dear. So the worrying breakdown of democracy is due to the failure to commit the greatest act of social and economic vandalism ever seen globally because 52% of the public in the 4 nations of the UK decided to blame immigrants and the EU for the state of the nation ?

    Never mind the lies and £350m to the NHS nonsense, never mind the fact the UK PM was elected by less than 0.2% of the population within his own party or that he has abused his position to prorogue parliament to ensure we exit on 31st October. No the big issue is adhering to a vote driven by lies, racist ideology and hatred.

    Does this really pass for a new article or is this just an opinion base for somebody with particular political party views masquerading as a journalist in waiting ?

    Perhaps asking deeper questions such as why 4 nations of the UK are bound by the wishes of the largest would be a good start ? Perhaps asking how the 62% of Scot’s that voted to remain part of Europe feel would be good ?

    But no…. let’s head over the cliff edge like lemmings because that is a democracy worth preserving….


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