The Top Tip For Living The Perfect Life


There are so many lists of tips and tricks to help you “live your perfect life” I thought I would share my take on how to obtain such a thing.

You can’t – get over it and make your life the best it can be.

We are bombarded on a daily basis with descriptions of how to get the perfect life.  If we only had this wonderful vacuum cleaner or perfect sofa.  Maybe it’s that shampoo we have been using, maybe if we change it to another one, we will be happy and spend time with friends.

If only we would get rid of our wrinkles, lose weight, get a plan for our funerals, wear the right clothes, travel to the right places then everything would be fine.

What a complete load of bullshit.

The only thing coming from those thoughts is that you are purchasing more goods and making the CEO of some faceless company richer.

Real life isn’t like the adverts, real life is much messier and a much bumpier road.  As for the bloggers, youtubers and other social media icons, they are the new ad agencies of our time.  They are paid to write about things so that they can encourage their followers to purchase the item.  Sometimes they are paid thousands and thousands of pounds to try out a product or be photographed wearing an item of clothing.  The life they portray is not real, it is a fictionalised account so they look good for the cameras.

Real life is difficult, there are bills to pay, jobs to be done, family to be looked after and food to be put on the table.

People should not be judged by the unrealistic standards portrayed online and on our TVs.  People should be judged for how they look after their friends and family and their contribution to their local community.

We are not perfect and we never will be.  What we can be is the best possible us on any given day. The sooner we realise this and stop putting unrealistic expectations on ourselves and others, the sooner we will get closer to our perfect life.


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