The Start of Something New For Bakeries?


FORWARD-thinking family bakery, Stephens, has pushed the boundaries of the traditional bakery format and opened up what is believed to be the first drive-thru bakery in the UK.

Located in Dunfermline, the drive-thru bakery is the latest development in the 145-year history of the company, which has 14 retail outlets and six vans, plus long-standing partnerships with convenience stores including Coop, Scotmid and McColl’s.

André Sarafilovic, managing director, attributes the idea of a bakery drive-thru to his wife, Rona, who has worked in the business since she was 16 years-old.

Andre states: “Rona first had the idea of a drive-thru in 2014 and, although it seemed bold at the time, we have always strived to innovate and look for new ways to do things.”

The site where the drive thru-now stands was found and purchased in 2015.

With planning permission granted in 2017, the ground was broken in June and it was full steam ahead with the build.

Stephens is still very much family-run, now with fourth-generation family in the business.

Andre handed over the reins to son-in-law, Jordan Hodgson, and daughter, Talia Sarafilovic, to manage the project: from design, build and fit out; to logistics, sales, rebrand and training.

The family are particularly proud of the subtle rebrand, which is being unveiled at the new drive-thru, soon to be rolled out across the company.

The new campaign invites customers to ‘Stop for a Stephens’, highlighting the convenient and uplifting pit-stop they strive to be for their customers every day.

The manager of the drive-thru, Paula Stevenson, has been with Stephens for 13 years and was incredibly enthusiastic to take on this new project.

She said: “It feels like we’ve been waiting for this launch for so long and the team are all really excited now it has arrived.  We can’t wait to welcome regular and new customers alike.”

The site will operate as a walk-in shop and a drive-thru, and is open seven days a week.

The shop has been open since 9th January and has had a fantastic response from locals and customers.

The drive-thru officially opened on January 18th, with the help of pupils from two local primary schools, Milesmark and McLean.

Jordan and Talia cut the ribbon for the excited pupils to ‘drive’ round the drive-thru in a custom-made cardboard convertible on wheels, and their bikes and scooters.


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