The Rallying Cry for Parkdale


Before the end of the month the Integration Joint Board will be having a meeting which will be instrumental in the future of Parkdale.  This is the final rallying cry for the local community to show their support for the retention of Parkdale.

If you haven’t already written to show your support for Parkdale, now is the time to do so.

Please address letters to – Chief Officer, Health and Social Care Integration, Perth and Kinross Council, 3rd Floor, 2 High Street, PERTH, PH1 5PH.

You could also write to your local Councillors, local MSP Roseanna Cunningham and local MP Luke Graham.  Write to anyone you think will listen and will have any kind of influence on the future of Parkdale.

It is absolutely essential that as a community we show that we want to keep Parkdale available to our local residents.  The staff are fantastic, the residents are happy and settled and there is more than enough money in the budgets without shutting down such a central part of the local community.

The option of the residents being moved to other facilities is not one that works for the residents who would be in a new place where they don’t know anything or anyone outside their walls. It also doesn’t work for the family and friends of the residents, some who will never meet again due to difficulties travelling.

The proposed new Local Development Plan has plenty new housing planned for the area but no new facilities.  Why on earth would we lose one of the few facilities we do have in the town?


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