TCSoA Updated Mobile Policy For Secondary Department


The Community School of Auchterarder has updated their mobile phone policy for the Secondary School.  These rules apply to any device, be it phone, tablet etc.  These rules apply to all pupils in the Secondary Department.

“Pupils are not be permitted to have their phones on their person in class time. Mobile phones should either be stored in their locker or in a container in the classroom and which staff will then monitor. Pupils should not, in addition, be using their phones between classes.”

If you wish your child to contact you during the school day or you wish to contact your child then please arrange this for during break or lunchtime.

“For parents needing to communicate with children during class time, contact should be made through the school office. Similarly, pupils are not permitted to contact their parents during class time using their phone, and all such communication must be through the school office.”

This new policy has been devised after consultation with all parties and is valid with immediate effect.  To see the full policy please go to


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