Tayside Police Minimise The Effects of Serious Sexual Assault


It’s just gone noon and I am sitting having a quiet day with my partner. Well I was until I loaded up Facebook to see what my friends had been up to and if there was any important news I had missed.

The Tayside Police Division Facebook account was appealing for information regarding a serious sexual assault which happened in Dundee in the early hours of Saturday morning.   However, as I continued to read I was horrified to see that on the fourth line of the Facebook post we were assured that the female victim was uninjured.

Before any information is given about the person the police would like to speak to, the public have been told that the victim is uninjured.  How many people will fail to read any further, thinking that this was a minor incident after reading that?  How many women will read that and in future if they are the victim of a serious sexual assault not bother going to the police? It seems that in Tayside at least, if you do not have physical injuries then the police don’t deem you to be injured?

How does that work?  How can you be the victim of a serious sexual assault and not be injured?  Is it because the attacker didn’t blacken her eye or break any bones?

I can see it now, “Don’t worry miss, you have been the victim of a serious sexual assault but we don’t class you as being injured because your attacker didn’t leave you battered and bruised”

If the attacker is found and taken to court, his lawyer will be no doubt be using that Facebook post to try and lessen the seriousness of the charges.  “But your honour, even the police said that the victim was uninjured”

How can anyone think that the victim of a serious sexual assault has not been injured?  How can the police publicly belittle a serious sexual assault in this manner?  To say I am horrified is an understatement.  With the publicity surrounding the “Me Too” campaign you would think our police would be more careful and more supportive of victims.

I did telephone Tayside Police for comment but their media office is closed on a Sunday.  Maybe it’s time they got cover 7 days a week if this is the information they are putting out to the public.


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