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Lang Toon Times paper and associated websites are run by one person, local lady Karen McRostie.  All the reporting, writing, social media and photographs are down to her.  A firm believer that Auchterarder and District needs a central place for information about the area and its people.

Although the original Lang Toon Times surfaced a few years ago, there was not enough interest to keep it going at that time.  Now with the town expanding and social media more prevalent Karen decided that the end of her previous contract in January was time to bring local news back to local people.

This community spirit has taken her to local businesses, local events and helped support local campaigns.  It has built a local paper and a town website which gives residents and visitors alike a flavour of what is going on in the area.

This has all been done with no funding of any kind apart from what the sale of the papers brings in.  Which at present barely covers print costs. As it is not a community organisation, Lang Toon Times is not eligible for any community funding from the Common Good Fund or Community Trust.  A Go Fund Me page has been set up in the hope that those who support Lang Toon Times will donate to help with print and website costs.

Why not spread the word, buy a copy of the new issue when it comes out in the next few days and tell your friends and neighbours.  Let’s make sure Auchterarder and District has a window to the world and an outlet for local news.


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