Support Local Key Workers


In these unprecedented times, we need to look after each other.  At this precise moment that means making sure that our key workers are supported as they try to treat those with Covid-19.

The majority of us will have seen the report on the news of the nurse just off shift who couldn’t purchase food for her evening meal or to take to work the next day. 

We need to support our critical workers and the first way to do that is stick to the 3 day rule. 

If you are not going to eat or use something in the next 3 days, don’t buy it.

Shops are bringing in deliveries every day, the only reason the shelves are empty is because people are panic buying and over stocking.

Critical workers are not able to take time to queue and fight for the bare necessities to keep themselves going.  They are working in our hospitals, pharmacies, care homes, supermarkets etc trying to keep the nation going.  Whilst they are working extra hours and extra shifts, others are stripping shelves in supermarkets and leaving nothing for those in desperate need. 

Cafes have had to close which means there are even less options for those so important to our communities right now,

It’s time we started to scale back the panic and looked out for those we expect to look out for us if we become ill or need help. 

If you are not going to eat or use something in the next 3 days, don’t buy it.

It’s that simple. 

By following this rule the supermarkets could make a plan to better serve everyone who is now at home as opposed to desperately trying to restock everything every day.

Please share this to everyone you know and let’s give our key workers the help and respect they deserve.


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