Support Local Causes To Avoid Being Scammed


In these difficult times, one thing that can be relied upon in the UK is the generosity of people who wish to help others.

Sadly, this generosity is now being exploited by scammers putting up fake fundraising pages for coronavirus victims.  These scammers will even use genuine victims information to give credence to their efforts.   There have also been cases of fake websites offering PPE and taking money from unsuspecting companies including care homes desperately trying to obtain protection for their staff.

As we have focused on local businesses in this pandemic, we should now focus on local fundraising.  There are many causes helping local people who are struggling with increased demand and decreased funding.

Locally we have Glencairn Care Home, run by the Mailer and Whitelaw Trust, the home is unable to run the usual coffee morning type fundraising and would welcome any donations. A Go Fund Me page has been set up by a supporter for the purpose. 

St Margaret’s Hospital has the group Friends of St Margarets, which helps the hospital provide the best possible care for its patients and staff.  A new Go Fund Me Page has been started today to enable online donations. 

Perth and Kinross Foodbank is now more important than ever and helps so many in our local and wider area.  If you can spare some items when shopping please do put them in the donations box in the larger supermarkets. 

There will be plenty other campaigns asking for donations at this time, many with heart rending stories.  Sadly, not all of these will be true and your money may go into the pockets of criminals using these tragedies for their own benefit. 

Please consider supporting local causes at this time when they are supporting our family and friends through these difficult times.


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