Support International Woman’s Day Within Your Own Community and Beyond


International Woman’s Day started in 1911 with the Suffragettes and has progressed to the global event it is now in 2018.  The day belongs not only to activists but also to community groups, companies, charities and networks, anyone who can help and play their part in pressing for gender parity.

No doubt there will be plenty on the news about celebrating Women and helping them obtain gender parity which is fantastic but what about locally?  Who are the women that have inspired you throughout the years?

We have women running the majority of the businesses in Auchterarder High Street, I wonder who was the first?  How about the women who have run the local farms when circumstances dictate? One of the more obvious areas in which women are to the fore in the Auchterarder district is within community groups.  Coffee mornings to raise funds, visiting the sick and the lonely, keeping clubs alive and welcoming younger generations.  These women are the backbone of our society and have experienced a myriad of changing values throughout the years all whilst moving forward and making a place for themselves.

Events in recent years have started to reverse the progress made by women towards equality.  You only have to listen to some of the speech given by Mhairi Black MP to hear just how much abuse females can receive via social media nowadays. A constant barrage of abuse and negativity to ensure women know that they are nothing more than something to be objectified at the hands of men. Today is the day to start making changes, changes that could make a difference to the future story of our young women.

Very often all it takes is one person.  One person to support another, one person to agree with another, one person to stand beside another and make a difference together.  If you see one person making that stand, support them, join them and build support for each other.

Today if you see a female being belittled, insulted or abused, be the person who supports them.  Whether you make a supportive tweet, stop namecalling in school, support someone in the workplace.  As women it is time we stopped allowing others to dictate the agenda and make us less than our predecessors gave us.

This is International Woman’s Day 2018, let’s make it the time that we started looking out for each other.


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